Protecting Homes and Businesses from Invasive Critters in the GTA

At Bees & Pest Control, we are experienced in the removal of all types of 4-legged intruders. Some of the pests we’ve dealt with include:


Skunks do not climb and are usually found digging holes under decks, porches or sheds. We live trap them and relocate them to the countryside.


Black and grey squirrels are very common throughout the city but become pests when they cut holes in roofs and attics. We use one-way doors to remove them.


Raccoons are social creatures that retain family groups. If you notice signs of a raccoon in and around your house, chances are you are dealing with more than one. Raccoons are messy, destructive and carry diseases that can affect humans. They are intelligent and adaptable creatures and can be a major annoyance. If you suspect you have raccoons or any other critter lurking in your attic or walls, call the experts at Bees & Pest Removal for a professional evaluation.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are extremely destructive, carry diseases and love to chew on nearly anything, including household wiring. Rodents tend to be rapid breeders and they can gain entry to your home through even the tiniest opening. Without intervention, one pair of mice can produce as many as 200 offspring in just 4 months.

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