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Banish Crawling Household Pests in the Toronto Area

At Bees & Pest Removal in Toronto, we can control annoying insects that crawl or fly, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the pests we address include:


Drain Flies: very similar to fruit flies, drain flies infest damp or wet areas. The dampness or leak that attracted them must be solved as part of the extermination process.

Cluster Flies, Fruit Flies and House Flies: These flies are among the most common household pests. Removing the breeding sources and professional spraying usually gets rid of them.

German Cockroaches

The small brown cockroaches usually seen in apartments are called German cockroaches. One female produces an egg case containing about 40 individual roaches every 3-4 weeks. A heavy infestation can result in asthma in humans.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches usually inhabit sewers and drains. These roaches are larger and less numerous than the German cockroach.

Cat Fleas

Cat and dog fleas are tiny insects that suck blood then begin to reproduce. They lay their eggs in carpets and rugs. Their eggs remain viable up to six months. In order to exterminate them effectively, the total surface of floors must be treated with an adulticide and ovicide and the dog or cat must be treated as well.


Ants are the most common insects that infest buildings. There are several thousand species of ants all over the world. Each ant species is unique in terms of nesting sites, habits, characteristics and feeding preferences. The three most common ants are black ants or pavement ants, pharaoh ants and carpenter ants.

Black Ants: Black ants have the capability of stinging, but their stings are usually not problematic. Usually individual black ants spotted in your home are simply foraging for food to take back to the nest, but if a queen leads her colony into your home it can cause problems.

Pharaoh Ants: Unlike other species, Pharaoh ants have multiple queens and don’t hesitate to move their colonies from one place to another if they are disturbed. Pharaoh ants can be very difficult to control and it is often necessary to call in professional help to get rid of them.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter Ants get their name because they build their nests in wood. They can cause significant damage to the wood in your house, which can be very expensive to fix.

Indian Meal Moth

These moths fall into the category known as secondary food infesting pests. They reproduce on old and rotting grains and nuts. Their eggs hatch up to six months after being laid. Therefore, they are difficult to exterminate if not done by a professional.


Examples of common spiders are Black Widow spiders and Brown Recluse spiders. The venom of some species of spiders is dangerous to humans. Don’t take chances. Have them treated professionally.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small biting insects that feed exclusively on blood. A bed bug infestation can cause several health related issues, including rashes, anxiety, allergic reactions and financial hardship. They can be very difficult to eliminate. Don’t wait to find out. Call us for prompt and effective service.


Earwigs are generally nocturnal and typically hide in small, dark, and often moist areas in the daytime. They can be found under piles of lawn clippings, compost or in tree holes. They enter buildings through cracks in the walls and can usually be seen on household walls and ceilings.

Whatever kind of insect is causing you problems or concerns, the professionals at Bees & Pest Control can help. Contact our office or give us a call at 416-410-8185 to discuss your needs.

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